Deposits & Refunds

Deposits are taken for every appoinment made with one of our artists. $50 for a tattoo under 5 hours and $100 for a longer tattoo. Cash or card is acepted for the deposit and it will be noted in your file for the appointment. If you made your reservation by phone or email, a deposit request will be sent to your email. We will only confirm your booking once the payment has been received on our end. This is to protect our artists who rely on bookings to make a living. Should you have a conflict arise with your scheduling, we are more than happy to transfer the deposit to another day, if we have received notice 24 hours in advance. Less than 24 hour notice will result in a lost deposit and you will have to make another before you can reserve a spot in the future.

As a rule we do not give refunds to our clients. Just like bathing suits, jewelry is not something we can take back for sanity reasons. Tattoos and piercings cannot merit a refund as we cannot take back the product or time the artist put in to the job.